Green Meetings 

With todays concern about the environment and the impact the meetings & event industry has on it – we are happy to assist our environmentally conscious clientele in their efforts to “Go Green”. Just ask!

By providing environmentally-conscious meeting planning services for your company, our green meetings go beyond recycling. We ourselves are continually attending “Green” meetings in order to be a leader in our efforts to be a knowledgeable resource to our clients. Upon request, we will encompass “greening” aspects into all phases of our meeting planning.

Green Meetings make good business sense for corporations by conserving resources, enhancing the competitive edge and reputation, presenting positive opportunities for marketing, public relations and by showing a commitment to corporate responsibility.

Wizard Meetings & Events has guidelines in place in five key categories to help meet this goal. When we negotiate hotel contracts, we will add in addendum wording to assure green initiative compliance with any hotel we book for your group.

Destination Selection: We work with our clients to determine the best destination for their attendees by asking pertinent questions such as who will be attending, where are they coming from, and what is the main purpose of the meeting? We will take into consideration the air quality, energy efficiency, water conservation, waste minimization and environmental purchasing when offering an appropriate destination for your next meeting.

Meeting and Venue Selection: We seek out venues that have “green” programs in place such as towel and sheet reuse, in-room energy saving devices, environmentally conscious amenities, recycling both in the rooms and on the meeting floor, paperless registration and communication procedures, and environmentally responsible purchasing practices. Additionally, if possible, venue can be walking distance to public transportation and meeting space.

Transportation Selection: Environmentally responsible measures will be addressed in regards to your travel needs. These will be based on ground transportation, shipping freight and carbon offset program options.

Food and Beverage Selection: There are endless way to conserve when addressing food and beverage. A few examples are; to use water coolers instead of water bottles, use recyclable cups for tea and water, glass plates and cups instead of Styrofoam. We will request seasonal foods grown locally in the area and donate left over foods to charity. We can provide many more examples in our planning discussions.

On-Site Office Procedures: Again, there are countless way to save the environment when on-site at a conference. A few examples include; distributing reusable tote bags made from recyclable material instead of plastic bags for all conference materials. Recycling name badges. We can request presentations be put onto USB sticks, not paper, and so, so many more.